Sunday, November 23, 2008

It has been a while since my last blog on this page, what with the constant interruptions from surgeons and therapists, but I have managed to escape their studied attentions long enough to write this short note, and with any luck they will be unable to break down the barrier I have built behind the studio door - at least for a few minutes or so. Persistent buggers, they be.

I have posted a new story, which can be found in 'New Additions,' and was inspired by my time at the Dr. Baumstark Klinik, in Bad Homburg, in October, following the first surgery to repair my impaired mobility. If curiosity drives one to pursue the details of the rigors involved, feel free to do so by reading the blog at: It was the worst of times, it was the worst still of times, but, I digress.

The story, 'The Promise,' was written after experiencing the visage of an older man, whose face seemed to hold no promise, in the face of his experience. It saddened me greatly to see it, and after sharing it with a boy of 19, and then a writer who has just reached his 80th year, their confirmation of its truth reassured me of the purpose for which I wrote this short story. It is an unavoidable truth which, with good fortune, all must face, at some point.

Because of my seven weeks of hospitalization, and rehab - to which I am about to return for another four weeks, the printing process has been on hold, for 'Impaired Ocular Acuity...' I hope to have it continue, in my absence, and be ready for release by the first of the year. Bless you all for your patience.

If I am unable to send out suitable greetings for the holidays, due to my confinement among they who wear the white coats and uniforms, then let me wish you, one and all, the best and happiest of holidays. Do remember that the best gift is the gift of love and attention, and all will succumb to their beauty. Trust me.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We are in the first steps with a printer from the UK, and we anticipate a couple of weeks for proofs to be printed and reviewed, and then the printing of the book for customers will commence. This has been a long road, and at times frustrating, yet I do sense that it has all been worthwhile. I sincerely hope my readers will agree, when they have the opportunity to acquire 'Impaired Ocular Acuity and Other Demented Synapses.'

'The Other Lamb' is coming along, and surprisingly, 'An Atheist in a Foxhole,' has over eight-hundred pages, and I will begin the process of editing while I am recuperating from surgery, next month. I also hope to get in more writing on the fourth book, 'Not For The Moon,' which is a story about a young teen in San Francisco, and his exciting discovery. I will try to have snippets from this book on the site by the end of October, when I return from recuperation.

I would like to thank everyone for their kind words of support, in emails and notes. They warm the cockles of me heart, they do. Merci.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

February Update on printing of IOAAODS

Well, I had to give up with the European attempts to get my first book printed. After receiving both proofs in less than acceptable condition, we looked for assurances from Lulu that they would fix the problems with their Spanish printer, but the problems persisted for myself and others, and I decided not to take a chance on a third attempt, since the first two were found lacking. I could not get one of Lulu's staff to guarantee that they had fixed the problems I experienced, either. Lulu's printer in the USA seems to be okay from the feedback in the forums, but their European counterpart has yet to deliver a quality product to me and several others, and Lulu will not print our Euro books in the USA for us. No reason given, they just won't. I would assume it is due to the agreement with their Euro printer, with whom we are stuck, if European authors want to use as their printer.

Lulu has also ceased communicating with us in the forums, where we were asking for assurances that they had fixed the problems. Several additional authors received orders that were subpar right after me, and now nobody from Lulu will respond in the forum, nor have the problems been fixed. It appears they hope we will just go away, and since the forums are now silent, one can assume many have.

I also feel that my lifestyle had a great deal to do with their responses, and lack of same. When I wrote to them about a moderator who belittled my input about the quality I had received - input given in a professional and detailed manner, I was ignored. This miscreant is the same man who offered to help with an editing problem I was experiencing, until he found out I was a gay author, so his reaction to me in a public forum was no surprise. An old bigot is a bigot locked into his persona, and unlikely to change. Lulu's lack of response to an obvious breach of its etiquette was a surprise. Silence is complicity, to a reasonable mind. Needless to say, I do not feel that as a gay author I was - or am - welcome at, and I would prefer to spend my money where I am welcome.

So, I have solicited bids from other European printers and it will cost more for the book to be published, but I see no point in printing a low-quality product, just for the sake of price. My readers deserve the best quality book I can produce, in both word and construction.

I will update everyone as we progress. So far, it looks like the printing will be done in London. We shall see, and bugger the bigots.