Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer is upon us.


I must admit to being a bit sidetracked, this summer, with other tasks keeping me from my writing. Numerous activities of a more mundane nature have assailed me and required my attention, and I have been taking long walks in the country to ease my mind and repair my soul. The photo at the top is from one of my jaunts, and oui, I was caught in that storm, but managed to find cover and enjoyed it immensely. I will take some time away from all of that in the way of a short holiday with a friend visiting us from the States, in the second half of this month. I do hope to get back to France for a bit, and I might even break into my strict diet for some pain, fromage et champagne! I do hope everyone is having a fun summer (and winter, for my Aussie compatriots). Play safe and keep smiling!