Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good news, and an apology...


I must apologize for not posting excerpts from 'Not For The Moon,' and activities have kept me too busy to do so. There is also good news: 'Impaired Ocular Acuity and Other Demented Synapses' is finally being printed, in the UK, this week! I should have the books by the first week of May, if all goes well, an outcome which I anticipate. The page for purchasing books will be put up as soon as the books are in stock.

I also have good news for international readers: shipping from the studio in Germany to any country outside of Germany will be 6 Euros, and 4.5 Euros for Airmail in Germany. Not bad, eh? Yes, the book will be shipped in an appropriate cardboard container, much like Amazon uses. We do want the book to arrive unscathed, yes?

If you want to be alerted when the books are available, send me an email at: kj@kristophe.com and I will put you on the notification list.

Thank you for your many notes of encouragement, and support.