Saturday, September 17, 2011

A new season...

Summer seems to have come and gone without introducing itself, in our part of the world. If anyone knows where it went please let me know.

At least there was an opportunity for DDM and I to meet up with a good friend, German artist Otolo, in Wissembourg, France, for an alfresco lunch and a bit of shopping for du vin, du pain et du fromage, afterward. The day was sunny and there is a lovely stream that flows through the middle of the village and right by our table, at Restaurant du Saumon.

One should never complain when one can break bread with friends in such an environment, and I am not one to do so. I enjoyed the quiche, although the caterpillar in my salad was unexpected. C'est la vie. It is France, after all. The great company and conversation made up for that minor inconvenience.

While we were having lunch we noticed an atelier on the other side of the stream that ran within three feet of our table. After lunch, we went to take a look and we met the owner/artist, Maria-Elisabeth Geske.

She works with clay and plaster, creating wonderful figurative sculpture and lighting surrounds that are very unique. If in the area, I highly recommend a visit to Artelier au Fleuve, her studio in Wissembourg. (For information, you can visit her website at:

The leaves have been falling since early August and the colours are changing, so fall is here. I welcome the coolness, although the dark months of winter are not very inspiring. We'll keep lots of lights on during the short daylight hours.

I do hope that everyone had a fun summer. Keep the emails coming and I always welcome comments in the Guestbook.