Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer update...

Spring has been a mixture of fall weather and much rain. It is now sunny and attempting to be hot outdoors, although the chill of night is still prevalent, in the garden outside my window. I have the door open, so that I can bring the fresh air in, and it is very nice. I like getting up early, as the sun rises, for one can almost imagine that he is alone in the world, and all of its beauty is his to behold. For this month, I have uploaded a photo of the trees from our garden at the studio, which are seen from outside the south wall of the garden. Anyone could be creative in this environment.

I have been away from my writing for a bit, due to other issues that took precedence. My walking is still heavily restricted and sitting for long periods is not allowed, because of complications on that front. So, sitting at the computer to write for hours on end has been a no-no. I'm not complaining, although the chapters for all three books are wreaking havoc in my brain, as they struggle for release. I am thankful that I am still somewhat mobile, and will take comfort in that.

A short holiday in Provence has been suggested, and I am warming to the idea, although confronting the scorpions will be an unwelcome activity. One has to examine 0ne's shoes in the morning before slipping toes into them, if one wishes to avoid a surprise encounter with one of the beasts. Ah, the price we pay for serene beauty in wonderful countryside and du vin, du pain et du fromage.

Paperwork has been submitted for me to have my book in the Frankfurt Book Fair, in Frankfurt, Germany, this fall. We are awaiting confirmation, and I am excited to be in this venue. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it would be accepted, in spite of the fact that it is written in English. It seems that the only criteria was that the book be published in Germany, which it is. It does mean that the price of the book will be going up by 8.7% because the book may now be offered by other retail outlets and I will have to raise the cost to cover their rather substantial discounts. So, I suggest that if you have been holding off on a purchase, it would be wise to place an order for IOAAODS before September, when the price will be raised for the show.

Have a safe summer, and for chrissakes, get off the computer and take a book to the beach!