Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It has been some time since I posted to the blog and I thought I should at least post a note for the summer, such as: "Push back from the desk, go out doors and have some fun!  The sun's out, for goodness sake!"  You know, something warm and fuzzy, like that.  You really should do that, if you can.  I will, as soon as I finish typing this note.

For those who have yet to acquire a copy of IOAAODS, there is good news: Deutsche Post has reduced their airmail book postage and I am, of course, passing on the savings.  If you haven't yet purchased a copy, this is an additional reason to do so.   

Have a great summer and while I am away, I will be monitoring emails and will respond in a timely manner, as usual.

Be safe and have fun,


Post Script: The photo was taken during a return trip to Wissembourg, France, to visit a charming gallery, Artelier au Fleuve, mentioned in a previous blog.  The artist/owner, Maria-Elisabeth Geske, created this marvelous bust.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It has been a few months since my last post, due to health issues and recovery times. Everything is now looking up and next fall should find me fully recovered with extra benefits. I don't have much to share, but I will say that although times have been challenging, it has been a blessing to be insured. Viva Europa! I can only hope my American friends will find themselves as well protected, and very soon.