Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just another blog...

The website was due for a facelift, and part of that work is this new blog, for updates, press information and other trivia that may come along. It is also a means of leaving comments, until the Guestbook is established. The proof copy of 'Impaired Ocular Acuity and Other Demented Synapses' is on its way from the printer, and after we make sure everything is okay, then printing begins. Yep. Millions of copies will roll off the press. Un hunh. Well, maybe a hundred or so, to start. As you can see, the site has changed some, as well, and as soon as we have the book ready to go, we will update the 'To Purchase my Books' page with ordering information and shipping prices. We think we have solved the problem of high shipping costs. Who knew that our representative in Germany had such talent? I will let everyone know, when the book is ready to ship, so stay tuned, and thank you one and all for your wonderful notes and kind words. I look forward to reading your thoughts about the book.