Sunday, July 21, 2013


It has been a busy and productive Spring/Summer period, so far.  Finished several projects, including a workshop my partner thought I needed.  He was right, I do need it and now it is finished.  I have the studio in which to write and work on graphics, so this is a space in which I can use my hands and let my brain take a rest.  Windows are coming and that will lighten up the inside a bit.  It has electricity and it is - from my perspective - rather cute, as well as extremely functional.  Here is one view of the finished item:

There is a need for creative minds to give their brain a rest and working with one's hands can provide this, whether in a garden, workshop or other non-mental pursuit.  A mixed bag keeps a person sane(r), I am told.

Instigated by one of my previous blog posts, a reader sent a photo of what happens to be my second favorite Rolls Royce: a 1937 Gurney-Nutting bodied Drop-Head Coupe.  I adore this auto and, if you are familiar with 'The Boys of St. Precocious Academy,'  you will recognize the origin of my creative treatment for Kristie's Rolls:

For those of you who learned of the loss of my family member, through our post on 'The Boys of St. Precocious,' I wish to thank you for your kind words and notes.  Whatever relationship we have with our families, a passing will have an impact.  As I stated on our blog, 'Time is not conscious of our best intentions,' so don't wait to mend fences.

My best regards to you all and have a safe and fun-filled summer holiday.  I suggest the coast, if it close.